3 Great Peak District Cycling Routes from Glossop

Situated just outside the north-western boundary of the Peak District, Glossop is perfectly located as a start and end point for some fantastic Peak District cycling routes. Positioned right at the western end of the Snake Pass, Glossop is within easy reach of Stockport and Manchester; whilst it’s also not too far from Sheffield.

We’ve come up with 3 great circular routes to start and end in Glossop, which provide scope for cyclists of varying ability levels. For each route we’ve given an estimated time and suggested a couple of great places to stop along your journey.

Route 1 – Via Holmfirth

Distance – 34 miles

Locations along route: Glossop, Torside Reservoir, Holme, Holmfirth, Greenfield, Mossley, Stalybridge, Mottram in Longdendale.


The second of our longer Glossop Peak District cycling suggestions takes you out via one of the highlight places from this year’s Grand Depart of the Tour de France; Holmfirth.

From the Star Inn opposite Glossop train station follow Howard Street left until you reach Norfolk Street (B6105). Take the left at that T-junction and follow the B6105 for 5 miles to its finish – over that time you’ll enter the countryside and pass Torside Reservoir on your left.

The B6105 finishes with a T-junction at the A628, where you’ll need to take a right turn. Follow the A628 for less than a mile – with Woodhead Reservoir to your right – and take the first left you come to, which is the A6024 to Holmfirth.

Follow the A6024 for 9 miles, all the way down into Holmfirth. Enjoy the fantastic scenery hear as you descend down the lower reaches of the ‘Holme Moss climb’ which was traversed in the opposite direction by the peloton of the 2014 Tour de France.

As the A6024 winds down into Holmfirth you’ll first pass through Holme, then Holmbridge, until you eventually reach Holmfirth. Once you’re in Holmfirth, take a left turn onto Greenfield Road (A635).

That left turn comes as the A6024 merges with the A635, just before Stoneygate house. Once you’re on the A635 that will take you all the way out to Greenfield; over about 10 miles. You’ll cycle through some fantastic high-level Peak District countryside along the way, before you emerge outside the Peak District Boundary a couple of miles before Greenfield.

Just before you reach Greenfield, the Holmfirth Road end of the A635 will end at a small roundabout. Simply take the first exit which will see you continue straight, still on the A635, but now the Manchester Road section of it.

The A635 will take you through Mossley and Heyrod over about 5 miles. Just before you reach Stalybridge you’ll pass Primrose Wood on your right, after about 4.5 of those 5 miles. Just after Primrose Wood the A635 will sweep round a bend to the right.

As the road straightens out it will reach a small mini-roundabout; where you’ll want to bear left down Stamford Street (A6018). Follow the A6018 2.5 miles down to its finish in Mottram in Longdendale.

At the T-junction at the end of the A6018 take a left turn onto the A57. Follow the A57 for about 3.5 miles down back into Glossop to complete your circular route.

Break suggestion: Stop in at the Cornerhouse cafe in Holmfirth to refuel before the trek back on your return journey.


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Route 2 – Via Torside Reservoir

Distance – 17 miles

Locations along route: Glossop, Torside Reservoir, Rhodeswood Reservoir, Valehouse Reservoir, Bottoms Reservoir, Tintwistle, Hollingworth, Brookfield


The initial stage of this route is the same to the one above – that information is placed in this route below as well. This Peak District cycling route is more suited to those who don’t have as much time on their hands. It still ventures out into the fringes of the Peak District.

From the Star Inn opposite Glossop train station follow Howard Street left until you reach Norfolk Street (B6105). Take the left at that T-junction and follow the B6105 for 5 miles to its finish – over that time you’ll enter the countryside and pass Torside Reservoir on your left.

The B6105 finishes with a T-junction at the A628, where on this journey you’ll need to take a left turn onto the A628. As you wait at that junction Woodhead Reservoir will be to your right.

After turning left onto the A628, follow that road for about 5 miles into Hollingworth. You’ll pass 4 more reservoirs along your journey down the A628 on your right hand side – Torside, Rhodeswood, Valehouse and then Bottoms.

After you’ve gone past Bottoms Reservoir – the final one out of the group of 4 the A628 will veer to the right gently. You’ll soon pass another Resevoir – Arnfield – this time on your right. As you come into Hollingworth, stay on the A628 until you see the Smithy Surgery on your right.

Take a left at the crossroads immediately after the Smithy Surgery down Woolley Lane (A57). Continue to the mini-roundabout just after you cross the River Etherow and take the 1st exit right to continue on the A57; which will take you back through Glossop to your start point.

Break suggestion: Relax with a drink on the banks of Torside Reservoir and take in some of the fantastic views on offer.


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Route 3 – Via Hope Valley

Distance – 36 miles

Locations on route: Glossop, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Castleton, Hope, Bamford, Ladybower Reservoir, Snake Pass


The longest of the 3 routes in this article circumnavigates the fringes of the Kinder Scout National Nature Reserve; and take in some great views of the Peak District in the process.

From the Star Inn opposite Glossop train station follow Howard Street left until you reach Norfolk Street (B6105) – take a right turn onto the B6105. You’ll shortly reach a crossroad, where you need to simply head straight over onto what is now Victoria Street (A624).

Follow the A624 through Charlestown, then Chunal, and past Little Hayfield on your right. It will then pass through Hayfield, Chinley Head and Chapel Milton before it reaches the fringes of Chapel-en-le-Frith. The journey distance on the A624 from Glossop to Chapel-en-le-Frith is about 9 miles.

Just after you pass through Chapel Milton you’ll reach a roundabout, where you’ll need to take the 1st exit to continue on the A624. You’ll then quickly come to another roundabout; where this time you’ll need to take the 3rd exit onto the A6.

Follow the A6 (Buxton Road) to the next roundabout and take the 1st exit onto the A623. After about 1.5 miles you’ll reach Sparrowpit, where the A623 bends sharply round to the right at Wanted Inn. Instead of following the A623, continue forward left down the A6187.

This will take you towards the Castleton Caves. Now you’ll simply need to continue along the A6187 for about 10 miles to Hope Valley. You’ll pass through Castleton and hope along the way. Just as you reach Hope Valley you’ll need to take a left turn up Sickleholme (A6013) at the traffic lights.

You’ll pass Bamford station on your right and then through Bamford itself as you continue all the way up and along the A6013 until you reach Ladybower Reservoir. As you reach the T-junction at the end of A6013 you’ll have just passed the right fringe of Ladybower on your left.

Take a left turn at the T-junction onto the Snake Pass (A57). This will now present the longest section of your journey, as you stay on the A57 all the way up into the Peak District before you descend back into Glossop.

Break suggestion: Take a breather in Castleton just before the halfway point of your journey. Why not stop in at the Rose Cottage Cafe for a quick refuel whilst you’re there?


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