3 Peak District Cycling Routes for Beginners

The Peak District continues to provide enjoyment to cyclists of all abilities. Home to some of the most impressive countryside in the UK, it offers so many route choices that you’ll never be short of new ones to try.

Whilst more experienced cycling fans will know the location well, we wanted to encourage new interest as well. Whether it’s for long, lazy evenings; or early morning challenges, we’ve put together some simple routes to encourage more participation in this fantastic sport.

Ideal as a social activity, we’re confident that you’ll be left inspired to try it for yourself. As we approach the summer months, what better way to unwind than by hitting the trails and escaping the busy life of the city?

Longshaw Estate

Peak District cycling routes Longshaw EstateThe gentle trails of Longshaw Estate are perfect for starter cyclists searching for a place to ride and socialise together. As of 2014, two new bridleways were made accessible for cycling at this National Trust site; which has only served to further its appeal.

Our first route is so simple to follow that you’ll barely even need to remember directions – leaving you free to enjoy the beautiful views. Your starting point is the main Visitor Centre. Walk down the path from the front of it and head left through a second gate to the bridleway.

You simply need to head down here for around 2km, at which point you’ll reach the A625 main road. From here, you can simply turn round and cycle back along the route you came. It’s not challenging, but it does present a great way to ease yourself into cycling again.

Langsett Reservoir

Peak District cycling routes LangsettWe’ve previously looked at the appeal of Langsett reservoir on this site and it’s easy to see why. Located out from the North-West side of Sheffield, further on from Bradfield, it’s arguably one of the most eye-catching places for a ride in the entire Peak District.

The circular cycle route round the banks of the reservoir is perfect for those looking for a more time-consuming ride than the Longshaw Estate route. At 7 miles, it’s the perfect length to take up a morning or afternoon when cycling at a leisurely pace.

Using Bank View Cafe – well-known with local cyclists – as a starting point for your route, head up Midhope Cliff Lane and you’ll shortly find an entrance on your right hand side. Simply take this turn and follow the path round the reservoir and back round the other side.

The route is fairly self-explanatory; and whilst it may deviate away from the immediate proximity of the reservoir’s banks, you’ll always be able to see the water as a reference point. Make sure to take your time and enjoy the views.

Monsal Trail

Peak District cycling routes Monsal Trail tunnelsOur final suggestion for a gentle cycle ride in the Peak District is along the Monsal Trail. Running for 8.5 miles down the path of the former Midland rail line, the route offers a completely traffic-free route to cycle up and down.

With spectacular views of the former rail tunnels – which have been renovated to include lighting to make the routes safer to ride – each section of the trail has its own unique charms and the whole route offers unrivalled immersion within the depths of the countryside.

You can start at any point on the route, which runs adjacent to local highlights such as Monsal Head and Bakewell – both of which are ideal as either starting points or stop-off locations during the duration of your cycle.

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