5 Exciting Cycling Innovations on Kickstarter

skyride-cycling-sheffield-18Innovative technology was a prevalent topic back in May; when we covered 10 of our favourite bike themed projects from the website Kickstarter. They provide a platform for entrepreneurs and designers to seek public funding to bring projects to the production stage.

Often, these ideas will be partially developed; with additional funding required to help the projects take off. People who choose to back the projects are inducted into a reward scheme; which can involve anything from a mention in the product credits to exclusive delivery of the first products at a cut-price – it all depends on how much you are prepared to contribute.

The first time we did this at Wheelie Good Guys it was a huge success, so we wanted to look at the next exciting set of cycling projects developing on the website and share them with our audience. Here are our next 5 highlights:

Blaze Bike Light by Emily Brooke

We’re always interested in products that improve cycling safety; and that’s something that has also resonated with the Kickstarter audience, with Blaze Bike Light receiving double the funding it required. Designed to ‘significantly improve a cyclist’s visibility and safety’, the product uses a unique concept to raise the awareness of a cyclist on a road to other vehicles.

Projects the Symbol of a Bike

A front light with bright LED’s, it projects the symbol of a bike down onto the road ahead of the cyclist. This is usually about 5m in front of the cyclist, but that distance is adjustable. The idea is to ‘alert road users ahead of the cyclists of their presence, helping to prevent them turning across their path – making the cyclist more visible and increasing their footprint on the road.’

Nutlock by Mikey and Amir

Billed as a ‘beautifully designed bike lock that protects your bike wheels from getting stolen’, Nutlock has already received its required initial funding; and is now seeking further backing to develop new strands of the product. With custom engineered nuts replacing your bike’s existing hex-nuts or quick release skewers, Nutlock will protect the wheels of your bike from being stolen by thieves.

Unique Cycling Lock

Research from the product developers suggests that a bicycle wheel can be stolen with a wrench in less than half a minute – backing up the validity of this unique cycling lock. Claiming to be ‘more secure than a cable lock’, with a key ‘fits conveniently’ on a keychain, the product is already proving to be a big success.


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Bicyclick by Bicyclick

A simple concept that allows you to ‘stand your bike upright everywhere’, Bicyclick allows you to ‘stand your bike upright on any terrain or park your bike at the office or in your house’; according to the source material. The ‘light, small and yet very durable device’ is designed to stand together any type of bike; irrelevant of the shape or size. Multiple bikes can also be stood alongside each other.

Day-to-Day Joy

It’s a simple concept that may just provide an added element of joy to your day-to-day life; removing the need to worry about your bike crashing to the floor and resultantly picking up scratches; and enabling you to stand your bike at your home or office without dirt against walls.

Maintenance-Free Bicycles that Make Cycling Easy by Dave Weiner

With nearly 20 times the required funding already received, this is a concept that can be deemed nothing other than a whirlwind of success. Self-dubbed as ‘a new concept in cycling, a beautifully designed bike with smart engineering and low cost’, these special bikes have a number of fantastic features.

Chain Free with Lightweight Aluminium Frame

They’re chain-free, with a lightweight aluminium frame; taking away mess and allowing easy-carrying respectively. With special puncture resistant tyres; and easy to assemble parts which require ‘ a simple four-step, five minute assembly process that requires no previous technical bike knowledge’, it is difficult not to be impressed by Dave Weiner’s product.

The Peloton Bike: Bring Home the Studio Cycling Experience by Peloton

In the accompanying promotional material; the information provided says that ‘The Peloton Bike delivers live and on-demand indoor cycling classes to your home, while allowing competition and video chat with friends.’ Whilst we’d always rather be out on the bike in the outdoors, there are times when the weather becomes a bit extreme; and this immersive cycling experience product could be the answer to those times.

Unseen Level of Home Cycling Potential

The product has proven to be extremely popular, already surpassing the targeted funding requirement. With a 21.5 inch Full HD screen, you can gain access to ‘live and on demand studio cycling classes from the best cycling instructors’. The Peloton Bike isn’t cheap, but it does provide a previously unseen level of home cycling fitness potential.


Have you come across any great bike products? We’d love to hear from you. Or maybe you’re a supplier that’s looking for some feedback on a cycling-themed product? We’d be delighted to do a product review; giving the product some thorough testing and raising its profile with our audience in the process. Email james@wheelie-good-guys.co.uk if you’re interested.

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