5 Fantastic European Countries Outside UK for Cycling


Whilst we’re admittedly great fans of the Peak District; Wheelie Good Guys are also keen to promote cycling right across the world – here’s a list of 5 of the best countries for cycling in Europe. Each country chosen offers huge scope for a whole variety of cycles; for those of varying abilities.

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majorca-cyclingOver the past decade; Majorca has become increasingly popular with cycling enthusiasts – both new and beginner. The extensive mix of flats and hills; mixed with the wonderful array of local restaurants and cafes ensures that a visit here won’t be regretted. The temperatures can soar during the summer months; so why not give yourself a perfect excuse to away across the rest of the year? Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Majorca to cycle; ensuring that you will stay comfortable when touring the island; thanks to the cooler temperatures and steady breeze.

High Mountain Passes

The idyllic seafront town of Puerto Pollensa is a perfect place to base for your trip; with good connections to both neighboring towns and the island’s mountain scenery. Whilst those not accustomed with the island may hold an image of the party scene; that is thankfully restricted to Magaluf; and Puerto Pollensa is right on the other side of the island. The high mountain passes can provide a fantastic challenge for visiting cyclists; and many of the pro-cycling teams train here thanks to its varied terrain.


france-cyclingWhere to start? For sheer potential for variability there are few better places in the world, let alone Europe, for cycling. Explore mountain climbs trodden by the Tour; or seafront cycles sprawling the coast. The French Alps provide a truly jaw-dropping backdrop against which to cycle; and have enough routes to ensure that you will never lose motivation to cycle. There is incredible scope for all levels of cyclists; with countless routes to match to your ability.

Snow-Studded Mountain Tops and Thundering Gorges

Gentle streams, sweeping greenery, snow-studded mountain peaks and thundering gorges – wherever you choose to base you’re sure to experience some of these wonderful characteristics of French cycling. If you’re aiming to venture to higher ground, snow can block the high cols in the Alps and the Pyrenees from as early as October to as late as June; so July to September are the best bets for the time of year to go.



The Dolomites are a truly stunning cycling highlight for Italy; and will provide no shortage of joy and challenge for potential visitors. As important to Italians and the Giro d’Italia as the western Alps are to the French and the Tour de France; the challenge level here can be pushed to the extreme for experienced cyclists. Locals will profess that there are no better mountains to cycle in; and just from researching the region you can why – the scenery is awe-inspiring.

Spectacular and Memorable

On the flipside; the Tuscan coast can provide every bit as much satisfaction; on an entirely different visual platform. Coastal pinetas and vineyards can all be incorporated into a whole array of spectacular and memorable routes. There is also potential to Tour around the Western Lakes; providing another fantastic opportunity to experience Italy in all its glory on two wheels.

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norway-cyclingFor road cyclists and mountain bikers; there is no shortage of spectacular scenery to cycle within in Norway. Less frequented than Italy and France by tourists; it is simple to find isolated roads for the ultimate pedal escape. For adventure seekers; there are some truly breathtaking cycle routes; both through the mountains and on off-peak trails.

A Cyclists Dream

Stretching over 3000km from the Arctic North Cape to the beaches in the South; the western Fjords and mountains sprawling the distance are a cyclists dream. Cycling is not as big here as some of the other places in the guide; so more in-depth research would be required for potential visitors – but it’s worth your while. The spectacular backdrops and beautiful scenery will love long in the memory.


Similarly to Norway; the scenery of Iceland is reason enough to do a Tour of cycling here. Thanks to its close proximity to the mid Atlantic ridge and Arctic Circle; Iceland is a country of truly spectacular landscapes. Sprawling glaciers, shivering mountains and cold deserts ensure that any prospective cyclists won’t leave disappointed.

Extremes of Weather Ensure Challenge

Prepare to brace the extremes of weather; and make sure to go well prepared. Extensive research of the best time of year to visit would be invaluable – you can also pick months with spells of much warmer weather. For a truly wild experience there are plenty of campsites to base yourself around; which will ensure a truly unique experience of the Icelandic outdoors.

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