5 More Great European Countries Outside UK for Cycling


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2 weeks ago; we at Wheelie Good Guys brought you an article – which proved to be extremely popular – on 5 fantastic counties for cycling in Europe outside the UK. We asked for your feedback and were inundated with requests via email – and across social media – for plenty more places to be included.

With so much scope for cycling in Europe; we will continue to bring you great locations to visit abroad where you can ride to your heart’s content. As ever; we hugely appreciate any feedback that you might wish to offer; with any suggestions that you may have. Even if we have already covered the country; if there is justifiable reason to revisit it on the site we will do so.



With breathtaking scenery, a rich culture and the Algarve; it is understandable that Portugal is such a popular country to visit for touring cyclists. The two main cities of Portugal – Porto and Lisbon – are well worth basing yourself around if you choose to cycle here; as they will provide you with plenty of platform for exploration off your bike as well. There are also a number of old historic towns bursting with charm; all awaiting your exploration.

Breathtaking Cliffs and Rugged Wilderness

From the cobbled lanes and stairways of Castel de Vide; to the picturesque old town of Viseu; there is plenty of potential to ensure repeat visits to Portugal. Finally; the wild side of Portugal provides so much scope for you to immerse yourself in it; with the breathtaking cliffs and golden beaches of the Algarve Coast contrasting with the rugged wilderness of the North. Spring and Autumn are perhaps the best times of year to travel; allowing you to avoid the scorching summer temperatures and bitterly cold winters.



The variety of scenery in Spain provides incredible possibilities for cycling here. Lush, rain soaked hills, bustling cities and charming Mediterranean coastline all contribute towards the Spanish charming of cyclists. The Sierra Nevada mountain range can provide an awe-inspiring backdrop – and plenty of challenge – and it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular places in the region to cycle.

Meandering Trails, Vibrant Festivals and Beautiful Coastline

Spain also plays host to Europe’s only desert; in Tabernas, Almeria; which has been a popular filming location for many hit Hollywood films. The Spanish food is fantastic; with Tapas the key culinary selling point. There are also many fantastic festivals which are well worth basing cycling trips around. Another highlight of Spain is the picturesque landscapes of Catalonia. Country lanes, meandering trails and the stunning city of Barcelona are just 3 of many memorable highlights of the region.

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Dubbed as one of the most popular places for cycling in the world, the Netherland’s is a beacon of excellence for cycling infrastructure and culture. Not only are its cities well-equipped to welcome cyclists; there are also some fantastic landmarks to see. From the iconic canals of Amsterdam through to the Netherland’s cheese towns and windmills; there is plenty of variety of places to see on offer for visiting cyclists.

Tulip Fields, Nature Reserves and Thousands of Kilometers of Cycle Paths

The flat terrain makes the landscape particularly appealing for cyclists looking to enjoy the experience of a location as a pose to those who wish to compete against it. Thousands of kilometers of cycle paths winding through locations such as nature reserves, tulip fields and bustling markets only further the appeal of the Netherland’s as a cycling destination.



Breathtaking mountain scenery and picture-perfect natural galleries are just two of the many appeals of Switzerland as a cycling destination. It is well equipped as a destination for cyclists; with enough routes that you never need cycle the same ones twice – although you may want to after experiencing them. The Alpine Panorama Route, which crosses the northern Alpine foreland; with its winding passes and deep gorges; provides a strenuous, lung-busting challenge for even the most advanced of cyclists.

Thundering Falls and Romantic Riverside Paths

Equally impressive – but entirely varied – is the Rhine Route; which follows the Alpine river from the heights of the mountains to the port of Basel. The thundering Rhine Falls at Scaffhausen; through to the romantic riverside paths; are just two of countless highlights to cycle past in Switzerland. The scope is endless for cycling here, and like many places in each of these guides we bring you; we can only tough on the truly spectacular scale of its finest offerings.

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Gran Canaria

Similarly to Majorca – which we covered briefly in our last guide – Gran Canaria can offer fantastic versatility and truly spectacular potential for varied landscapes. With an average temperature of 24 degrees all year round; there is scope to visit at any time of the year. The central mountainous area is a mountain biking paradise; whilst the spectacular coastline and stunning Maspalomas sand dunes are other fantastic highlights.

Privileged Eco-System 

It is the privileged eco-system of the island – that is not so well known – that is the undoubted highlight though; with the island possessing 32 natural protected areas, 8 nature reserved and around 100 plant species. You can match calm coastline cycles with challenging mountain climbs; or completely separate the two; ensuring that repeat visits are undoubted.

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