5 Reasons the Grand Depart Makes Sense for Yorkshire


With only 30 days now remaining until the start of the Grand Depart; Yorkshire is finalizing its plans to welcome the hundreds of thousands of expected visiting fans. The Peak District scenery will provide a breathtaking backdrop for the event; and months of planning from local businesses and fans will all come down to the Tour weekend.

As fans of Wheelie Good Guys will be aware, we simply cannot wait for the arrival of the world’s largest single sporting event. As we’re based locally; a number of the sites that will be frequented by the Tour route are ones that we’ve ridden many times ourselves. To see the best in the business try their hand at some of the best cycling Yorkshire has to offer will be a privilege.

With that in mind; we have put together a list of the 5 best reasons that we can think of for arguing the case of the Tour coming to Yorkshire. There are still some skeptics around; but the minor inconveniences caused will be greatly outweighed by the great deal of positives that can be attached to the Grand Depart’s visit to Sheffield, Leeds, York and countless other county highlights:

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1. Excitement

What better way to generate such widespread excitement than the Tour de France. As a sporting event that is largely free to witness in person; it presents itself as an unrivalled sporting event for the fans. Careful positioning along the race route can enable you to witness the riders up close and personal for a decent spell of time; as they battle the climbs of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the 2014 Grand Depart.

Thriving Over Race Weekend

Yorkshire will simply be thriving over race weekend; as everyone scrambles to get the best vantage points possible to witness the passing of the peloton. Sleepy villages and desolate hillsides will be teeming with fans; and the atmosphere is set to be electric. If you appreciate everything that is good about sport, this really is a must-see event – you simply cannot afford to miss it. With so much to do in the great cities of Yorkshire that will be visited by the race; there will be no shortage of reasons to keep excitement levels at a constant high.

2. Encouragement to Cycle

You only need to read our article on the ‘6 Great Things about Cycling’ to appreciate just how much of a wonderful activity it is. Fitness and wellbeing is a huge reason to get on your bike; with regular cycling said to ensure pedal-enthusiasts enjoy the health of those 10 years their junior. It encourages people to experience the wonders of the outdoors – and where better to do that than in the Peak District and Yorkshire.


By witnessing the greatest riders in the world on the roads of Sheffield, Leeds and many other locations; existing cyclists will only be inspired to get out even more on their bikes; whilst new fans are generated in the process. The potential for independence through cycling, the boost it can give the environment and the platform it provides for spending valuable family time ensure that there are no shortage of reasons to get involved.


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3. Awareness Surrounding Cycling

Whilst the encouragement for more cyclists to get out on the roads of the UK has many benefits; the event will also play a vital role in placing the spotlight on a number of topics generated through the discussion of the world of cycling. With constant campaigns to improve the conditions for cycling in the UK; and many topics actively debated within the sphere of national politics, it can only be a good thing that more people in Britain are made aware of cycling.

Impossible to Ignore

It will be impossible to ignore the Tour de France in many places across the country – particularly in Yorkshire – and everyone will find themselves having an opinion on what can be done to improve cycling conditions within the UK once the race is gone. Issues consistently covered in the local media; such as inadequate cycle lanes, poor road conditions and the need for a medium to be reached between cyclists and motorists will all be highlighted because of the event.

4. Boost to Yorkshire’s Image

The county of Yorkshire really does have so much to offer; not only to its residents but also to new visitors. The 2014 Tour de France Grand Depart will ensure the arrival of unprecedented numbers of people for a great deal of places. The Peak District is widely recognized as one of the UK’s most awe-inspiring sites; with the Holme Moss Climb already being touted as the potential highlight of the entire Tour de France.

Charming Locations – Both Large and Small

Cragg Vale, Holmfirth and Hebden Bridge are just three of the small, charming locations that will be passed through by the peloton; each with their own quirks and highlights. On a larger scale; the cities of York, Sheffield and Leeds all have their own great individual characteristics. The region is steeped in history; and will leave a lasting impression that will stay with those witnessing the Tour long into the future; which links nicely to our final point…


5. Improved Regional Economy

Both during the event itself; and in the subsequent aftermath, the Yorkshire economy is set for a massive boom across a number of trades. Campsites – both temporary and permanent – have been inundated with requests and enquiries. If those visiting the Tour who have chosen to camp are left with a lasting impression; it could ensure repeat visits and further generated income long into the future. Pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants along the route will also likely see a massive increase in business for the duration of the Tour; and are adjusting to best place themselves for the business boom – whilst ensuring people leave wanting to come back.

Rolling Hills, Gentle Streams and Stunning Natural Galleries

The best marketer for the region though is the location itself. Whether fans are viewing the glories of the local countryside – with its gentle steams, rolling hills and stunning natural galleries – on the TV or witnessing them in person; there will be only one outcome. A desire to return – ensuring the benefits of the Tour de France for local businesses will be felt long after the Grand Depart departs!

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