5 Reasons Why Cycling is a Great Social Activity

As a form of exercise, there are few activities more popular in the UK than cycling. Simultaneously appealing for solo rides and routes with your friends, there are so many reasons for you to get involved.

If you do, you can look forward to a boost in your fitness and a more energetic lifestyle. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too, as every journey taken on your bike – rather than in your car – reduces your carbon footprint.

A great way to take up cycling as a new interest is with a loved one, a friend or someone you may be dating. This way you can grow into the activity together and start to push each other appropriately towards new limits.

It’s a Healthy Hobby

health benefits cyclingThe health benefits of cycling are limitless; in terms of both your mental and physical wellbeing. Those who participate in this form of social activity regularly can expect to enjoy an improved mental state of mind and an improvement in their day-to-day emotions.

Add to this the fact that moderate-intensity cycling significantly boosts your metabolic rate – even after you’ve finished riding – and you’re onto a winner. The fact that it’s good for your heart, reducing stress and improving sleep only adds to the appeal.

You Never Need to Cycle the Same Route Twice

We’re based in Sheffield; and are well-accustomed to being spoiled with the fantastic routes that the Peak District has to offer. With so much varied scenery – and routes suitable for cyclists of all abilities – there are few better places to start riding.

Yet whilst we would confess to having a soft spot for the area, that’s not to say there aren’t thousands of other great locations for the sport right across the UK – as well as further afield if you’re prepared to travel.

Competitive or for Leisure

One of the great things about social cycling is that you can match the pace of your rides in line with the level you and your partner/group are at. You can adapt this over time depending on your level of improvement.

For those who are more competitive, you can join groups and compete in races. Or, if you just want to use the time to relax, you can amble along at the speed that you wish. It all depends on what you want to get out of the activity.

It Gets You Outdoors

peak district cycling outdoorsThere’s so much to love about socialising in the outdoors. It gets you in the sunshine (when it makes an appearance), helps you to enjoy some fresh air and it’s also, for the most part, free to enjoy.

Busy working life can leave you stuck in an office for most of the week, so by taking up cycling you can at least begin to get outside for some of your spare time. If you live nearby to the countryside then heading out into the hills is a great way to heighten any riding experience.

It’s Not Weather Dependent

The problem with a lot of sports is that you can end up relying on the weather. Cycling, however, is an activity that you can do in the outdoors right throughout the year. Sunshine, wind and rain just add their own unique touch for us hardened riders.

You could argue that rain may dampen any cycling excursions, but there’s so much gear and equipment available in the modern age that wet conditions needn’t put you off getting outside. Our cycling in the rain tips are always worth a read for all-weather cycling.

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