5 Things You May Not Know About Cycling Personal Injury Claims


Here at Wheelie Good Guys; we are always looking to help provide cyclists with useful information surrounding cycling safety. With that in mind we wanted to provide our readers with a list of things that they may not be aware of with relation to personal injury claims.

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There Are 2 Types of Personal Injury Compensation you may be able to Claim For

There are 2 types of compensation that you may be able to claim for – one for your injury and the other one for your other losses. These other losses are referred to as ‘special damages’ and will be your out of pocket expenses which can usually be supported by documents such as receipts and wage slips. The quality of the evidence that you can provide to substantiate any of these claims will affect the level of compensation you are able to obtain. Negotiation may be required with an opponent to come up with an acceptable end figure. Every claim is different and it is the job of a personal injury solicitor to take into account all of the things that are relevant to you and your claim in order to get you as much compensation as they are able to.

There Are a Number of Items you may be able to Claim for with Evidence

These can include; amongst other things:

–          Your insurance policy excess – proof from your insurer that they have charged you your excess required.

–          Fares for public transport where you have used public transport because your vehicle is not roadworthy and you do not have a replacement vehicle – tickets or receipts for each journey required.

–          Repair costs to fix or replace your vehicle – an invoice from the vehicle repairers required.

You May Lose the Right to Compensation if you Do Not Claim Within 3 Years of an Accident

Your injury may in fact be more serious than you currently think. There can sometimes be a delay of a few days or injuries can recur or worsen. If you do not lodge a claim within 3 years of an accident taking place there is a possibility that you may lose the right to receive any compensation in the future. The cost of the compensation that you may be entitled to can vary wildly; and can sometimes be substantially significant.

If an Accident Occurs Involving you and it isn’t Your Fault You Have the Right to Pursue the Responsible Party for Compensation

You can claim compensation for any injury or other losses that you may have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. In other terms, if the accident was not your fault then you have the right to pursue the person who was to blame for money to cover your losses and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Personal injury claims can arise out of many different types of accidents and from many different situations.

To Claim Personal Injury Compensation you may need to Be Examined by an Appropriate Medical Expert

In order for compensation to be claimed; it is essential that you are examined by an appropriate expert. This can be arranged for you by some personal injury solicitors to take place at an appropriate time that is suited to you; where you will be able to discuss you injury and prepare a medical report which will be sent to your opponent in support of your claim. Before this is done you will need to approve the report; and it’s important to understand what it details and check that it is entirely accurate. It is essential to check in particular that the accident circumstances are correct. You’ll also need to agree with what the report says about your injuries so that you can highlight any other problems that you are experiencing.

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