6 Of the Best Free Cycling Apps


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Available on iPhone and Android

The Strava GPS Cycling and Running App is extremely popular with exercise enthusiast worldwide. It allows cyclists to record all rides; simultaneously analyzing and tracking performance in addictive detail. An added element of fun allows you to compare your speeds and times with friends and riders local to your area. You can join ongoing ride challengers to inspire yourself towards new goals and prepare for races; whilst winning some great prizes too. The comparison feature allows you to set goals and targets from both sections of; and the entirety of a journey. There is also a feature to ‘Go Premium’; which allows you to further analyze your performance with weekly progress goals, custom heart rate zones and filtered leader boards.


Biologic BikeBrain

Available on iPhone

Another GPS based app; BikeBrain uses GPS mapping to show both you location and where you’re heading. You can connect a heart rate monitor for accuracy with relation to speed, cadence and heart rate data on iphone 4s and later. By transforming your iPhone into a powerful and flexible easy-to-use computer through the use of BikeBrain; you can track a whole host of data parameters – including speed, distance and altitude. The app will automatically keep details of all the rides that you undertake; and is optimized to achieve a balance between GPS location accuracy and the lasting battery. Customizable windows also let you display data however you wish to.

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Available on iPhone and Android

For those wishing to share their rides with the rest of the world; this app provides an excellent, varied prospect for photographic-enthusiast cyclists. Every cyclist will know of the sense of achievement that they get when they reach the top of that lung-busting climb. Out in the wilderness; the views that can often be gained at these points can be mesmerizing.  How often have you wished you could share that with friends and family? The scope of the Demandar app allows for that social sharing; bringing your experiences to your friends. Through the simple creation of panoramic images; you can create and store images to share at your pleasure.


Map My Ride

Available on iPhone and Android

The comprehensive GPS app that every hardcore biker should have installed on their mobile device. The extensive available features allow for on-the-go tracking of your route, speed, distance, time and calories that you have burned. Comparison with previous rides is also a possibility; providing users with the scope to record improvement. The interface is extremely accessible; and is simple enough to allow seamless first-time usage. There is a paid option that allows you to remove adverts, add a GPS camera and add built-in iPod controls.


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Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Available on iPhone and Android

For many cyclists; burning those calories, tracking what you’re eating and setting goals to strive towards forms they key reasons as to why they cycle in the first place. The Calorie Counter app allows both cyclists and non-cyclists to take the way they look at health and nutrition more seriously. By integrating the app with your day to day life you can set yourself fitness challenges; whilst making sure that you are also eating properly at the same time. You can use the built in barcode scanner to manually type in foods that you have eaten; or alternatively you can simply log it in manually. The app possesses a database of over an astonishing 3 million different foods; and has been featured in PC Magazine, Wired Magazine, the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and Marie Claire. You can also input exercise, store favourite meals and remind yourself to log meals in case you forget to.

Street Repairs

Available on iPhone and Android

As Wheelie Good Guys fans will know; we already have the Street Repairs link embedded into our site for easy pothole reporting. There is also an app platform available; which allows you to carry out the same action on the go. Street Repairs has been set up to enable members of the public to quickly report street-level faults via their Smartphone’s in real time. Everything from potholes to footpath issues can be reported to local authorities in less than two minutes thanks to the app. Street Repairs has been put in place to revolutionize the way communities and the general public interacts with their local authorities. If you provide an email and mobile number when reporting a fault; you can also be kept up to date on progress made through text and email alerts. Get involved – on the go!

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