97 Percent of Respondents to UK Road Survey Feel Situation is Getting Steadily Worse

97 Percent of Respondents to UK Road Survey Feel Situation is Getting Steadily Worse


Throughout this week; we will be bringing you stories surrounding the results of our ‘The State of Road Surfaces for UK Cyclists’ survey. This second survey from the Wheelie Good Guys has been a resounding success  – we’ve received a huge response and are extremely grateful for all your interest. We’re passionate on this site about improving the state of road surfacing within this country. As a result we were delighted with the level of interest taken by cyclists surrounding this matter.

The situation surrounding UK road surfacing is now at such a level that it would require 10.5 billion pounds of investment to fix the problem. From gauging the responses we received to our survey, it is clear that our readers feel that the conditions are at crisis point. Damaged kerbs and paving, as well as inadequate road markings were all issues that were raised during the survey; but it was quite clear from the responses that we received that potholes in the road are by far and away the greatest cause for concern.

Survey Indicates Potholes Are Causing Biggest Problem

75% of respondents felt potholes alone are currently causing the biggest problem for cyclists, whilst only around 3% felt road markings alone were the most problematic. No-one taking the survey highlighted kerbs and paving as the stand-out problem; although they were encompassed in the 22% of respondents who felt all three of the raised issues surrounding road improvements were of equal concern.

One respondent felt that with relation to potholes being the greatest cause for concern; ‘the general structures of the roads are in poor condition – this needs addressing before worrying about lines’. Another shared a similar view, stating that potholes are ‘by far the most risky for cyclists’ and that there is a need to ‘constantly (have) to be aware and make judgement whether to avoid or plough into (potholes) because of danger from other road users’.

Interestingly, another respondent came down on completely the other side of the fence with regards to what they feel is the biggest surfacing problem topic. They felt that ‘reliance on white paint to create cycle lanes results in a false sense of security and abuse of these lanes creates a hazard to motorists and puts cyclists at risk’. They also felt that ‘pothole problems pale into insignificance when you consider just how poor the UK’s cycling infrastructure is in general’.

Not One Respondent Sees Improvement

One thing that was agreed on by every single respondent was that at least one of the issues raised was a problem – with no-one feeling that UK roads are in an acceptable state. With 25% more potholes filled in 2012 than the previous year, it is hard to argue against the fact that the situation is getting steadily worse. A staggering 97% of people responding to our survey felt that the situation surrounding the state of UK roads has worsened over the past 10 years; whilst just 3% felt it was fairly similar. Not one respondent felt that the state of UK roads was improving.

With this in mind, the views of the UK public are eye-opening. One respondent to our survey stated that ‘the council budgets are used for other things’, whilst another felt that road ‘damage is not being repaired quickly enough so hazards are getting much larger’. Similarly; others responding to the survey feel that the situation is worse ‘due to all the temporary repairs’ and that there are ‘holes big enough to cause a bike crash’.

Many cited the weather as an explanation as to why more potholes are appearing; but still felt that wouldn’t be anywhere near as bigger issue if there wasn’t such a reliance on ‘poor quality, short-term’ repairs. One person took this further, explaining that they felt ‘more extreme weather, combined with funding constraints mean the defects are worse and go un-mended for longer than ever before in my living memory’.

Much More to Come This Week

We have only scratched the surface of the problems surrounding UK roads in this initial follow-up to our UK roads survey. With so much interested generated; there will be plenty more comments featured throughout the week, as we will continue to look to bring you exciting cycling stories on prevalent topics in the cycling world.

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Specialist cycling personal injury solicitors Call 0114 256 1560