All I Want for Christmas is…


Now, it may be close to Christmas but it’s a dead cert that some of you will still be unsure of what to buy for your cycling mad friends.  It’s not too late to bag a few brilliant presents for them or last minute seasonal bargains for yourself, too.  Don’t worry about your budget – we have bike related gift ideas to suit everyones wallet, likes and needs!

Cycle in to Christmas

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that cyclists aren’t planning, because often they are – for the upcoming racing season which means that they will not stop training over the festive seasons.  This is helpful though, as it could be a good place to start with thinking about last minute gifts for them!  So here are some ideas from us to help you find the perfect gifts for your cycling friends and family this Christmas.

Our Top 10 Cyclist Stocking Fillers

  1. Hackney GT Bobble Hat £28

Keep their head and ears warm whilst they are out cycling or training this winter.

  1. Human Race Gift Card £10 / £20

Pay for their entry in to a race this year with a Human Race gift card of your chosen amount, so now they have no excuse to miss out on their race!

  1. Camelback Ice Podium Bottle £21.99

A cycling water bottle to keep their water cold for up to four times longer than an average water bottle.

  1. Plain Lazy T-shirt £22

These are well-known quirky t-shirts, but this one is specially cycling related which makes a certain hint towards their expert cycling ability, with reference to a certain “yellow jersey” which we are sure they will know all about!

  1. 10 Pegatin Stickers £10

Help your bicycle mad friends and family stand out from their cycling buddies with these Pegatin stickers so that they can decorate their bicycle frames.  This is a lovely personal present with lots of different stickers for you (the buyer) to choose from.

  1. Knog Pop Front light £13.99

This is probably more a sensible present more than a fun one but it does at least have an amusing name…!  So why not help your cycling pals stay safe on these dark nights by buying them a good set of lights, such as these, which are available in a range on fun designs.

  1. Muc-Off Travel Essential Kit £18

To wash off all of the mud that they will acquire during their winter cycles, this is the perfect present – a travel kit containing hair and body wash, body scrub and body spray – no one will ever know that they were filthy only minutes before…

  1. Velopac PhonePac £6.50

To protect their phone from rain and sweat – ensure their phone / money is safe for when they really need it or even for when they just stop off for coffee and cake.

  1. SIS Gel Variety Pack £8.99

Nutrition supplies for Team Sky 2016 in seven different flavours to help your favourite cyclist find their favourite flavour to keep them going.

  1. Katie’s Bike Earrings £17

Brilliant stocking filler for the ladies – personalised, bespoke earrings from Katie’s Bike in six different colours which all scream “I am a cyclist!”


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