Blackburn Highlighted as Problem Area for Inadequate Road Repairs


Danger was highlighted by our recent UK roads survey with relation to the surfaces of roads in this country. With a distinct lack of funding – and with the funds that are allocated being spent poorly – the state of roads in this country is arguably worse than ever.

When we analysed our survey results, we found that East Midlands and Yorkshire were highlighted as the worst areas in the UK for road surfacing and potholes. That is not to say that other areas of concern should not be raised as well.

At the time; we said we were interested in hearing from you with regards to any areas that you feel are causing particular problems because of road surfacing. We still want to know if you feel that your region is actually the worst for dire road surfacing.

‘Left Way Behind With Repairs’

Paul King, from Blackburn in Lancashire; felt compelled to inform us of what he feels is poor road surfacing in the area where he lives.

From: Paul King

Subject: Bad roads

Message Body:

I think my area deserves to be highlighted as being particularly neglected as far as road repairs go. I live in Blackburn, Lancashire. As we don’t come under Lancashire County council because we’re a unitary council, I feel that we’re left way behind with repairs to our crumbling road infrastructure.

There is nothing more stressful than riding on broken roads and then to see the same roads white lined on top of the worn out surfaces! This clearly says to the fed up public that there’s no chance of OUR roads being fixed! So Blackburn with Darwen council needs to be shamed along with the rest of them.

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