Cycle in to Spring with a Smile

spring-cycling-bicycle-cycle-wheelie-good-guysSo, some of the really dedicated cyclists may have decided to continue cycling all the way through the winter.  But for some of us, cycling is something we prefer to do when the weather is less harsh, the evenings are lighter for longer and it’s not quite so cold or as frequently wet.  So, if your bike has been wrapped up over the last couple of winter months and you’re feeling the need to get it out for spring, then this is the article especially for you!

Get Cycling Again

If your bike has been hiding away in your shed for the last few months then it is time to get it out and get it ready and safe for you to begin cycling once more.  Get your bicycle out of the garage, give it the once over, clean it, check your brakes, pump up those tires and unless you’ve spotted or felt an issue, you’re good to go!  Choose a route next.  Don’t prevent yourself from going out just because you can’t make a decision as to where to go.  Even if it’s a short cycle to the shops or through the park, it’s the first step…or should we say, cycle, which is the hardest.  So even if it’s short and not particularly challenging fitness wise, you’ve done the hardest bit just getting out there!

But, if it’s not that easy in tempting yourself out of the house and back in to the saddle, why not try a slightly different technique.  You could buy yourself a little ‘welcome back’ gift to tempt yourself back in to cycling.  Why not get yourself a new carry bag, new jacket, new saddle cover…or perhaps all you may want is a slice of cake and a cup of tea during your first cycle and use this to help you succeed with any personal targets you may wish to set.  Is this the year that you take on

On Your Marks, Get Set, Cycle

All that’s left really is for you to get well togged up, in the right kit, safe kit, visible kit, waterproof kit, warm kit and really, just make sure that you are prepared for anything.  You never know when the weather is going to change from being a beautiful, clear Spring morning to sudden torrential downpours – don’t get caught out and get in to unnecessary trouble!

Wheelie Good Guys and You

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