Cycling is Literally for Everyone

Children_and_their_coach_cyclingGenerally we write about where you can cycle in Derbyshire, but this Easter we are writing about different courses you could undertake at your convenience.  For example you could learn to cycle if you haven’t done so before.  So if you would like to learn how to cycle you could do so with the help of a National Standards Instructor.  The theory behind cycling may be simple but the practical elements may be a little more challenging and may require a bit more practice.  All you really need in order to participate is a bike and some suitable clothing in case of bad weather.  By the time you have finished you will be able to cycle confidently, discuss cycling barriers, discover methods as to how to overcome these challenges and make informed risk assessment so that you can cycle safely.

Recycle but not in the way you thought…Re-Cycle

If it is the case that you perhaps just have not ridden for many years then why not do a cycling refresher course?  These are usually practical courses which aim to teach you good practice for getting back in the saddle and going back out by yourself.  Definitely a confidence building course with added practicalities thrown in.

Start Cycling from a Young Age and gain Independence

Do you have a child in Years 5 or 6?  Using the playground or quiet roads close to their school, qualified trainers will give them lessons as to safe and proficient cycling.  Great to put your mind at ease for if you are thinking about letting them cycle home as they get a little older and more independent.  These courses can either be booked by parents or by teachers for set groups of children of Years 5 and 6 age.

The Pros of Cycling and Cycling Proficiency

  • Fitness
  • Independence
  • Safely cycling in the city centre
  • Responsible cycling in traffic or congested situations
  • Road positionings
  • Cycling theory
  • Driving legalities (adult courses)
  • Become more economical
  • Available to anyone, all abilities, refresher or start from scratch
  • Get necessary encouragement
  • Grow in confidence


Wheelie Good Guys and You

Wheelie Good Guys would like to say thank you to our sponsors Love2Date for all of their support.  The aim of Wheelie Good Guys is to provide the latest cycling news which we think is both important and interesting to read.  Whether you are an experienced cyclists or new to cycling altogether, we want to encourage you to start and continue cycling and keep you keen!  Without our sponsors, Love2Date, we would not be able to do this and when you love helping single people with the common interest of sport to meet each other as much as we do, we are grateful for their support!

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