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Unprecedented interest has been generated thanks to an extremely popular Wheelie Good Guys article last week – 5 Fantastic European Countries Outside UK for Cycling. Fans from across the globe have been reacting on social media and sending their own suggestions to us via our email contact.

We’re delighted that the article proved to be such a success; and are even more thrilled that we can now bring the thoughts of interested parties to life on our website. The key concept of Wheelie Good Guys is to create a source of cycling news that cyclists across the world can share in and contribute to.

Who better to suggest great places to cycle than cyclists themselves! Here’s a selection of some of the responses that we received after writing the article:

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Jean-Paul – via email


I agree with the countries selected for cycling in Europe but maybe you should check the European cycle routes which cover most countries and are well organized, I have done some of them. All amazing…it also depends whether you like to savor local life and make time to actually enjoy the scenery and the wildlife. The Camino de Santiago, from Tours to Santiago de Compostella, the route 6 along the Loire valley to Constanta Romania and the North Sea road from the Shetlands to the Arctic Circle in Norway!

‘Great Diversity’

Now these are challenges…touching on Europe’s great diversity and showing that it is not so much about countries as the enterprise. Not to outdo all the above The Isle of Man with its celebration of cycling and its own beauty is worth considering as a country for people who don’t have much time…like cycle culture and the geographical challenges on the Island.

Edoardo – via LinkedIn

James, the article is spot on. As always, there are so many places to explore that it would take (and there is a lot of information out there) hundreds of pages to describe in detail the various locations. I can contribute on a personal level by adding: check out on STRAVA the clubs. It is a great place to find itineraries for (road) cycling and like minded people (in terms of training, rides, etc). Secondly, I cycle on the Tuscan coast near Forte Dei Marmi.

‘Astounding Scenery’

It is right at the tip of Tuscany, and from there you can go on flat routes on the seafront, go inside and take hilly and winding routes either towards Lucca or the 5 Terre (astounding scenery, cliffs on the sea and winding road) or steep climbing in the Apuane mountains where lots of pros actually train all year long. What is lacking, probably, is an organized setup where a keen (road) cyclist can arrive via plane, rent a performance bike and have a trained cyclist take them around.

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Mark – via LinkedIn

After reading an article in Cyclist recently, I would add the Canaries to this list. The Gran Canaria ride they featured looked amazing.

Bill – via LinkedIn


The Netherlands is the country with the most cycling roads. Everywhere you meet every minute cyclists.

Marcela – via LinkedIn

Switzerland is just AMAZING!!!!  Great climbs but also fantastic flat options too. With great information and signs all around the country. The perfect postcard photo everywhere. Highly recommended!

John – via LinkedIn

Portugal without a doubt.


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John – via LinkedIn

Italy’s Dolomites – spectacular scenery, picturesque villages, friendly people, outrageously challenging climbs, long winding fast descents, great wine, and the food… oh the food! What’s not to like?

Carl – via LinkedIn

Add Italian/Southern Alps to that for completeness – not quite as frenetic/industrial as the French efforts.

Do You Agree?

Thanks so much to you all for your great responses. We’ll be continuing to bring you loads of great information surrounding places to cycle across the world; as well as countless other great bits of cycling news; including features on cycling safety, the Tour de France and hot news topics.

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