Ever Wanted to Ask a No Strings Attached Cycling Personal Injury Enquiry?

Ever Wanted to Ask a No Strings Attached Cycling Personal Injury Enquiry?

Well now you can. Thanks to the Wheelie Good Guys; you now have access to free personal injury advice through our forum. This recently launched feature on our website – coupled with that fact our readers can now comment on content – is proving extremely popular.

Follow the link by clicking here to ask your question – don’t forget to select ‘law relating to cycling and personal injury’ from the category drop down menu.

It presents our audience with a valuable opportunity to pose questions to a solicitor from Wosskow Brown – with no strings attached. The feature is meant to be there to help a wide variety of cycling people. It will suit those who have a range of enquiries, including:

– People who wish to seek legal advice with relation to a personal injury claim for themselves.

– People who have general queries with relation to personal injury and are curious regarding a legal issue.

– People who know someone who has unfortunately been involved in an accident whilst cycling and are hoping to seek some legal advice for them.

Advocates of Cycling Safety and Improvements to Cycling Infrastructure

Cycling safety – as well as providing cyclists with a resource for legal advice – is a cornerstone of our values here at the Wheelie Good Guys. We are passionate about improving cycling conditions within the UK; and are advocates of work being doing to improve cycling infrastructure within this country – as well as further afield.


9 Things That May Be Covered in Your Cycling Personal Injury Claim

With that in mind, here is a list of 9 things that you may not have known you could be entitled to with a cycling personal injury claim. The list throws up some interesting information; and is evidence of the work we are continuing to do here at the Wheelie Good Guys:

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The aim we have at Wheelie Good Guys is simple; as we look to continue to provide the cycling community with a web resource for them to share and enjoy. Like you; we are cyclists that simply love cycling; and are always keen to hear cutting-edge stories and discuss topical issues raised by our followers.

Your Insurance Policy Excess

Evidence Required: Proof from your insurer that they have charged you your excess.

The Cost of Hiring a Replacement vehicle

Evidence Required: An invoice from a hire company.

Fares for Public Transport

Evidence Required: Where you have used public transport or because your vehicle is not roadworthy and you do not have a replacement vehicle; you would need the receipts or tickets for each of those journeys.

Loss of Use Compensation for When Your Vehicle is Not Roadworthy

Evidence Required: If you have not hired a replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is repaired; you would require an engineer’s report that states your vehicle is not roadworthy. It can be arranged for an engineer to inspect your vehicle.

Repair Costs to Fix or Replace Your Vehicle

Evidence Required:  An invoice from the vehicle repairers.


Any Expenses Incurred for Medical Supplies or Services

Evidence Required: Receipts for any prescriptions, medical supplies or services that you have purchased to help with your recovery.

Any Clothing Damages During or As a Result of Your Accident

Evidence Required: Receipts for the original purchase and photographs of any damage.

Your Loss of Earnings Due to Your Inability to Carry Out Your Normal Work Due to Your Injuries or Loss of Vehicle

Evidence Required: If you are employed, it is often required that the last 12 weeks wage slips that show your earnings before your accident are shown. If you are self-employed, you may need to show need three years audited accounts that evidence your earnings prior to your accident.

Any Other Losses Caused As a Result of Your Accident

Evidence Required: Receipts, photographs or anything that you can prove that you have suffered a loss caused by your accident. More specific advice may be given dependant on what you are wanting to claim for.

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