Expert Cycling Sheffield Forum Launches – Send Your Questions In Now


Exciting developments continue to come here at the Wheelie Good Guys; and we can now bring you news of the launch of our new question and answer based forum. Wheelie Good Guys readers now have the opportunity to put questions to a range of cycling Sheffield experts through this site. This could include enquiries related to:

– Anything to do with cycling or the law related to cycling – including cycling personal injury – which will answered by Wosskow Brown Solicitors.


– Anything to do with technical cycling issues – which will be answered by JE James Cycles.


– Anything to do with general cycling information; such as great places to cycle – which will be answered by one of the Wheelie Good Guys site owners.

James Loxley


Cycling Sheffield Already Generating Plenty of Interest

We are really pleased to be able to offer this resource to our readers, and are confident that there will be plenty of interest from the cycling world. You can submit any questions that you may have directly through the forum here.

We have already received plenty of interest – despite the question and answer forum only launching today. Here are a couple of examples:

Query 1

Cycling Potholes Query

Query 2

Cycling Route Enquiry

To read the rest of the above response and check out the route for yourself; or, if you have your own question; head over to the forum section of the website now and have it answered by a relevant cycling Sheffield expert!

Readers are now also able to comment on any of our content and share their views with us. We’re always interested to hear the perspective of the Wheelie Good Guys readership; and if you have any interesting cycling photos, videos or stories we’d be delighted to hear from you via the contact form here.

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