The Famous West Riding Cycle Returns

west-riding-classic-cycle-cycling-wheelie-good-guysThis month sees the return of the well thought of cycle, the West Riding Classic.  This is a 33, 60 or 75 mile sportive which is held in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.  It’s not competitive which means that anyone of any ability can enter and not be put off if you do not feel you can undertake all 75 miles.  The fifth West Riding Classic commences during the same weekend as the Tour de Yorkshire arrives in Settle so be inspired to be riding through Yorkshire which the professionals and biggest names in the cycling profession.

Spring Cycle Special

To enter the West Riding Classic it will cost you £26 and this also includes unlimited tea and coffee before during and after the sportive not only for the person taking part but for their support team, too.  There is also free nourishment which include homemade soups and parkin.  This is an essential especially if you are undertaking the maximum cycle as the route has an exhausting 2200 metre vertical ascent for you to tackle.  You will therefore be grateful for some much needed refreshment when you succeeded in reaching the top.

West Riding Cycle Information

The meeting point for the West Riding cycle will begin at Clapham Village Hall which is on Cross Haw Lane, Clapham, North Yorkshire, LA2 8DZ.  If you wish to undertake the ‘extra long’ route of 75 miles with the 2200 metre vertical ascent then you must begin between 8am and 9.30am.  For the long route of 65 miles you will begin between 8am and 10.30am.  For the shortest route you can begin at a much more civilised time for you cycle of between 10am – 11am for your 33 mile cycle.  So if you are interested in participating then pick your sportive length, make sure you find the correct start time and turn up on the 30th April at Clapham Village Hall.  Whichever sportive you choose to undertake we wish you ever possible success with your own personal cycling challenge!

Wheelie Good Guys and You

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