How NOT to Neglect Your BIKE Over Christmas


Christmas is known as a time for spending with family and friends and over indulging in all of your favourite foods, but this is no reason to neglect your bike for the duration of the festive season this year!  Here’s a list of the 5 easiest ways to get out and ride your bike this Christmas…

  1. Clear your head from your Christmas party hangover

We all know that December is the party season and there are very few of us who are lucky enough (or sensible enough to control themselves) and get through December without a hangover from hell.  Sure, there will be the odd day here and there when your bike is the last thing you want to touch but cold air and getting your blood pumping is a brilliant way of clearing your head and reviving yourself.  Guaranteed you will be feeling a lot better a lot sooner than the rest of the friends you were partying with last night.

  1. Deliver your Christmas cards

We know you will have Christmas cards to deliver and some of them will be very local.  So why not get out on that bike of yours and pedal to your local friends and family and for a festive two wheeled delivery.  You can even take the children, as it will entertain them whilst they are off school for the holidays.

  1. Take the kids out on their new Christmas bikes

Get out and about as a family.  It’s a classic present which never goes out of fashion – every child wants a bike for Christmas at some stage in their childhood.  So get them safe on their new bicycle and take them out for some Christmas bonding time – they will love spending time with you and you will all love the fresh air and being outside for a while.

  1. Cycle away those Christmas calories

Unless you are extremely dedicated (which is probably an incredibly tiny percentage of us) then your fitness regime will more than likely have gone completely out of the window, even if you have done ‘quite well’ for the majority of December.  But don’t get frustrated with yourself, it happens to the best of us and despite having the best of intentions, we know we are still going to have a second helping of Christmas Pudding – so enjoy your food and just think of it as energy and an excuse to use your bike to cycle it off!  This will also get you out of the inevitable family arguments that always happen at Christmas, too, so it’s a win win situation!

  1. Make a New Year’s Resolution

We all want 2016 to, not only be a happy year, but to be a healthy one, too.  So why not make cycling your New Year’s resolution and set yourself some challenges, like getting out on your bicycle a certain number of times a week, cycling a certain route, or number or miles a month etc.  You could even start on Boxing Day, if you’re really eager, and cycle in to 2016 fitter and healthier than the rest of us!  *Cue the smug face here!*

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