How will the Sheffield Retail Quarter Planning Application Affect Cyclists?

Highway schemes and transport plans are not only set to interrupt cycling but will also impact drivers and bus users routes too, interacting directly with cycling and walking routes. Moorhead_Sheffield_retail_quarter

What are the Issues for Sheffield’s Cyclists?

There are multiple issues to cause problems with cyclists across Sheffield City Centre, due to the Retail Quarter’s Planning Application.  These include:

  • Increased traffic – there is no protected space for cycling place to be inserted on this road heavily used by cyclists.
  • Many new car parks – the areas around which will be a complicated system of one way streets, restrictions and bus gates.
  • Built-in cycle hazard increase – contraflow cycle lanes on the outside of on street parking next to oncoming traffic is neither safe not acceptable.
  • Inconvenient bike routes – where cyclists are to be made to go in the same direction as cars which are on one way routes in to car parks which is firstly unsafe, secondly unnecessary and thirdly uphill.
  • Difficult to access and unsafe Cycle Hub – plans for this are to be from a main multi-storey car park where there is a huge amount of motor traffic and an uncomfortable route to cycle to the destination itself.
  • Increase in safe road crossing systems – the West Street and Rockingham Street Crossroads is used by thousands of people daily, but only one arm has signalised crossing. This should be provided for the other three arms so that cyclist safety is protected.
  • Rat-running prevention – despite the fact that a lot of road will be being made one way, it will still be possible to rat run through to Ecclesall Road from the City Centre. But we feel that these routes should be closed so that we have nicer cycle routes and a nicer place to live.

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