Innovative new children’s bike on Kickstarter

IMG_4749_LP(3) is a global funding platform for creative projects. In other words, it allows innovative, creative projects to source crowd-funding by providing a platform to showcase their ideas – Backers are folks who pledge money to join creators in bringing projects to life… and there have been some truly incredible projects to have been launched through this method of finance in recent years!

One of my favourite current kickstarter projects of recent years has been the Leg&Go bike. I’ve got quite a technical mind so I firstly found this project fascinating – it’s a children’s bike that transforms into a rocking horse, a trike, a training bike (without pedals,) and first bike (with pedals,) and more. It’s a triumph in engineering and I can only watch the video in astonishment to see how this amazing innovation actually transforms from one thing to another, easily and quickly using hand-turning screws.

As a father, I can also see how useful this ‘child’s bike’ would be. I’ve been through the whole route of first bike, rocking chair toy, first bike, etc. and know how expensive it is to have to buy a new toy at every stage so it’s also potentially a very cost-effective solution to an old problem – something that grows as your child grows!

This is truly a ground-breaking new product which is perfect for us parent-cyclists. And to top it off, the Leg&Go is also a beautiful item – made from plywood-birch – it’s as good looking as it is practical and useful.

To find out more about the Leg&Go, visit their kick-starter page or have a look at their video:

But hurry! At the time of writing you’ve only got 3 days to go before the end of the funding stage of this project! Back anything from $10 (about £6.60) upwards and you’ll be part of the project. From getting your name on the wall in the Leg&Go office for the minimum backing, through getting yourself one of the first production models of the Leg&Go bikes, right the way up to applying to be an agent for the company, there are lots of ways to get involved.