Launching the probably lightest but for sure most stylish fully equipped City E-bikes

velocipede-fogliaverde, a young Swiss company, is currently on launching the probably lightest (18.7 kg or 41 lb.) but for sure most stylish fully equipped City E-bikes on the market. Elegance, classic design, E-smart with invisible battery, light weight, highest quality and stylish accessories make velocipede-fogliaverde different.

La Specialita Ruggine (rust finishing)

La Specialita Ruggine (rust finishing)

St. Gallen, Switzerland, July 2016

velocipede-fogliaverde is the ultimate combination of form and function: elegant, classic design, innovative, intelligent and recuperating E-technology, carefully chosen and helpful accessories and a record setting light weight. Designed for the modern, urban rider. Together with the obsessive attention to the last detail, this adds up to precious pieces of workmanship, making every velocipede-fogliaverde bike a prized luxury vehicle. Hand-made with love and dedication.

Elegant, classic design

Inspired by the elegant high quality cult bicycles of earlier days. velocipede-fogliaverde picks up that classic design while applying all the modern technology available today. Made of high quality Italian Columbus tubes.
Whether you ride it to work, use it to meet friends at the coffee shop or a leisure trip on the weekend, admiration of bystanders is guaranteed.
But velocipede-fogliaverde bikes are more than beautiful, classic design.


velocipede-fogliaverde are fully fledged E-bikes. But: Hardly visible, no wiring and no external battery. A beautiful piece of Italian high-tech. And it is recuperating too. Never plug it in! It is the first non-plugin parallel hybrid E-hub on the market!
With a battery capacity of 160 Wh and a weight of just 3.0 kg (7.0 lb.) including battery the E-hub has the best energy/ weight ratio on the market. And it looks great too! It supports up to 25 km/h (16 mph).

Rather than simple axis sensors, the system uses torque and slope sensors, making each velocipede-fogliaverde an intelligent bike. The system only gives you power when you need it to accelerate or going up hill. If no power is needed, e.g. downhill, the engine recuperates energy through a built-in KERS. Never plug it in. That’s smart.

The system is connected (Bluetooth) to and controlled by a smartphone. The App is available for iOS and Android. The rider chooses from seven support levels, even locks the engine via PIN code and manages his trip data (speed, battery status, distance, navigation, mobility statistics or online diagnosis).

Record setting light weight.

With 18.7 kg (41lb) it is the probably lightest fully equipped E-bike on the market.
Stripped down to the essentials (including E-smart hub and battery, spring leather saddle, wooden pedals, brakes, hub dynamo, front and back lights, bamboo fenders, anti-puncture tires), the velocipede-fogliaverde E-smart bikes weigh a mere 15.0 kg (33 lb.).
From this starting point each bike is made ready for every day use by adding stylish, high end and useful accessories like a heavy duty lock in a leather case, a leather saddle bag with tools, two steel porters, wooden chain guard, leather carrying strap, kickstand, bell and reflectors. The result: The most stylish fully equipped E-smart City bikes at a record setting 18.7 kg (41 lb.).

Fully equipped.

velocipede-fogliaverde bikes are ready for everyday use and come fully equipped and several stylish accessories. There is no extra spending on lock, lights, fenders, kickstand and so on.

Stylish accessories and utility features:

• Two chrome plated steel porters back and front with laser-cut logo, front porter with practical fixing strap.
• A saddle bag in high grade leather with logo, containing a tool set, cleaning cloth with logo and a nylon cover for saddle and tool bag to protect against rain.
• Fenders made of bamboo, chain guard in cherry wood.
• Stylish pedals made of extremely dense sucupira wood.
• Saddle and handle bar tape in high grade leather, saddle with springs and imprinted logo.
• Carrying strap in leather for easy carriage up and down staircases.
• Kickstand.

Helpful security features:

• Strong folding lock with key in a high grade leather case with imprinted logo and fixed to the seat tube.
• E-smart rear hub that can be locked via App and personal PIN code.
• Serial number and QR code. Register the bike on our website with the bike’s unique serial number engraved on the bottom of the frame. In case the stolen bike gets found, the QR code on the frame allows the finder of the bike or police to get in touch with the owner via our website.

Last but not least, each velocipede-fogliaverde bike has the following safety features:

• Dynamo hub powered front and back lights 3V-6W with on/ off switch.
• High quality brakes Tektro 559.
• 28” anti-puncture tires with high density fabric layer for superior protection.
• Bell.
• Front and rear reflectors on pedals, reflector on rear porter.

Highest quality.

Each single component has been chosen carefully for its quality, durability, design and weight – down to each screw and rivet. The frames are double butted for less weight, fully lugged and hand braised.


Ride in Style! With a number of colors and in addition one special finishing, but always the identical accessories, the customer has the choice. All models are designed as single speed bikes, as the smart E-hub always delivers the power needed.

The Piacevole Corsa is the consequent combination of classic virtues and modern requirements. The traditional geometry, taken from Italian racing bicycles of the sixties, appears elegant and dashing at the same time.
Adding to the concise appearance of the Piacevole Corsa are the available colors. Depending on the exposure to light, the two layer paint with pearl effect appears in a slightly different color. It is available in the trendy colors „perla mezzanotte“ (midnight blue), „perla crema“ (creme), “perla azzuro“ (light blue), „perla custano“ (maroon) and „perla mela verde“ (apple green).

La Specialita Ruggine is innovative and exclusive.

What from distance appears like an old and worn frame actually is an exclusive jewel. No paint, but real rust! The Specialita Ruggine is true hand work and the manual rusting process makes each Ruggine unique as no two frames look the same.

Until July 29, 2016, velocipede-fogliaverde bikes are available on with a discount of up to 20% off the suggested retail price (kickstarter prices starting from CHF 3’200).

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About velocipede-fogliaverde.

Pure dedication, that’s velocipede-fogliaverde.

Our mission is to create stylish, elegant and high quality bikes for the urban rider that are not the ordinary and fun to ride.

Our bikes are designed and assembled in Switzerland as we want to ensure best workmanship and quality.

The foundation for velocipede-fogliaverde was laid back in 2014. We are entrepreneurs, engineers and mechanics. Our home is St. Gallen in the East of Switzerland.

The harmony of the whole picture, classic design, clear lines and our attention to the last detail make up our character. Because only extraordinary and precious details add up to a unique product – a bike with a distinctive character and timeless elegance.


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