New Survey Starts as Resounding Success

The new Wheelie Good Guys survey, ‘The State of Road Surfaces for UK Cyclists’ has been attracting significant interest since its launch yesterday. We wanted to put the survey (which you can take here – into play; to provide the cycling public with a means to share their views with relation to a number of issues surrounding the current standard of road surfacing within this country.

There are lots of of e-petitions currently in play on the ‘’ website, as well as a number of Facebook groups; all with the aim of improving the current state of the roads within the UK. Potholes seem to be causing the biggest problem, and we’re interested to know whether you feel the current measures that are in place courtesy of local councils are adequate enough.

We’re also interested to hear which areas of the country you feel are worst affected, and provide the cycling public with a platform to discuss their own experiences with relation to UK road surfaces whilst cycling.


Get Involved

The survey will be open until next week; so please get involved yourself and share it around with any friends and family who may wish to express any views they have with relation to this matter. We’ve had nearly 30 responses over the first 24 hours, so there are plenty of people sharing their thoughts on the matter. We’ll be publishing the results once the survey finishes, and will feature a number of comments presenting varying arguments on the matter through the Wheelie Good Guys website.

This survey is the second we have done since our website launched, and both have proved to be a great success with regards to giving the cycling community a means to express their views. We’re always interested to hear your views, and if you’d like to keep up to date with our cutting edge cycling news you can sign up to our mailing list.