Our mission

Aiming to make the UK a safer place for cyclists

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Through this website we aim to provide a multi-functional web resource that will raise awareness surrounding the world of cycling. We hope that our evident passion for cycling will make both existing, as well as new cycling participants join in our celebration of the sport and stay safe whilst doing so.

Our main aims are to encourage the promotion of:

– Cycling Safety:

A topic which is perhaps the primary focus of everything that we are aiming to achieve here at Wheelie Good Guys. The promotion of cycling safety awareness is essential to the world of cycling, and any work being done to encourage this is something we would champion. We want to introduce our readership to great material that can be passed around to road users, all with the aim of making the roads a safer place to be.

– Cycling for Pleasure:

Whilst we aim to reach the existing world of cyclists, we also want to encourage new participation. By showing you everything that is great about cycling, we hope that new participants will want to immerse themselves in something that can provide countless hours of enjoyment. By educating people about how they can do this is in the safest possible way, we also hope to ensure new entrants into the cycling world possess the most useful knowledge on road responsibilities and subsequently ensure their own safety, as well as that of other.

– Cycling as a Sport:

We also want to inform people about exciting news related to what’s going on within the cycling sporting world. With the 2014 Tour de France coming to the UK, public interest is constantly increasing in the sport. We hope to bring exciting features to our readers surrounding both the Tour, and also other interesting happenings in the competitive world of cycling.

– The Local Region:

We’re based in Sheffield and are right on the doorstep of the Peak District, which is home to our country’s first National Park. As a result, the scope for cycling within the area is huge. As experts that are locally based here, we want to give you a means to access the most exciting places to cycle. We also hope to encourage visitors to the region to make repeated journeys here. There are countless towns, villages and cities accessible from Sheffield, which are all filled with their own charms. By increasing your knowledge base surrounding the local area, you can explore the countryside at the same time as visiting all these places to discover the magic within. The local ale, pubs and people will ensure that you never want to leave.

He’s funding our work towards making the UK a safer place for cyclists.

If you have unfortunately had a cycle accident and want some advice, please call Ian direct on 0114 256 4770 or 07711 939 333