Prepare for Summer Cycling

summer-cycling-cycle-derbyshire-wheelie-good-guysWith the weather on the turn it is important that we are all ready for summer cycling as soon as we are able to get out there.  We must be ready and raring for our short and sharp burst of fine, British weather!  Make sure you are ready to take advantage of our good old British summer.

Get Ready for Summer Cycling

So firstly and most importantly is making sure your bicycle is ready and safe for action.  Give it a good checking over.  The most irritating and indeed dangerous thing is to be travelling at great speed down Derbyshire Hills and find that your brakes aren’t working!  So, what are the most important things to check?

  • The fit of your bike eg saddle height and handlebar positioning
  • Tyre check eg rips, tears
  • Air pressure in tyres
  • Gears
  • Brakes – be sure to replace them if they do not snap right back when you let go of them
  • Clean your bike – a clean bike is a happy bike and this also helps enable you to spot any hidden damage
  • Lubricate the chain, brakes and cables. Rear derailleur, front mech and jockey wheel
  • Spin both wheels to check that they do not clip the brake pads
  • Check that your bike does not have a rattle which could indicate loose parts – do this by letting it fall from around five inches off the ground
  • Do a final check before riding commences

Cycling with Friend this Summer

Why not tie in two great activities at the same time or even three if you feel like it?  Why not invite a friend to go cycling with you so that you can catch up on all the latest gossip whilst also keeping fit and motivating each other.  If you want to add something else in to the equation, why not set yourself a reward after a long cycle by locating the nearest pub or café in order to take on board some well-earned calories.

Top 5 Reasons Why Cycling is Beneficial

  1. Getting fit will increase your longevity
  2. It’s a economical and eco-friendly method of transport
  3. Exercise such as cycling release endorphins which make you happy, boosting your mood, reducing stress and helping rid depression
  4. Cycling is a great way to burn fat and gain muscle
  5. You will sleep so much better and for longer, less interrupted periods of time.

So, get your summer cycling gear prepared and there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking up cycling again this summer!

Wheelie Good Guys and You

Wheelie Good Guys would like to say thank you to our sponsors Love2Date for all of their support.  The aim of Wheelie Good Guys is to provide the latest cycling news which we think is both important and interesting to read.  Whether you are an experienced cyclists or new to cycling altogether, we want to encourage you to start and continue cycling and keep you keen!  Without our sponsors, Love2Date, we would not be able to do this and when you love helping single people with the common interest of sport to meet each other as much as we do, we are grateful for their support!

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