Sheffield’s Cycle Boom

Cycling across the city is at an all time high.  But this isn’t because we all suddenly have enough spare cash to go out and buy a new bike and all of the latest gear.  This is thanks to services such as CycleBoost which enables anyone to borrow a bike, ride it and get them fixed if anything should go wrong.

Borrow a Bike

Cycleboost isn’t just great because it allows you to borrow a bike to increase your fitness and reduce emissions but also because you can do all of this for free!  This allows people who do not normally cycle to see if cycling is a hobby or the choice of transport for them, with many workers in the North and East of the city being approached by Cycleboost to see if commuting on two wheels will work for them.  But it is not just for commuting, it is for anyone in SheffieldThe bicycles are loaned out for one month at a time at no charge. The only thing you are asked to do is to record the frequency of the usage and to return your borrowed bike on time.  You are linked to the necessary phone apps and given the necessary tools to make both of these as stress free and as easy as possible, although if you would prefer to keep a log in a paper journal then that is also an option too.  To encourage people to continue cycling after their free month has ceased, you have the option of buying your loan bike from Cycleboost.

Ride It

The second part of the Cycleboost scheme is called Ride It which is, in a nutshell, many different ways of teaching you how to become more acclimatised and efficient at cycling and cycling proficiency, both for your safety and the safety of other road users.

Services offered by Cycleboost include:

  • Cycling coursesChildren_and_their_coach_cycling
  • Road skill sessions
  • Learn to Ride
  • Cycle Confidence
  • Road Confidence 1
  • Road Confidence 2
  • City Centre Cycling
  • Practice in the Park

Fix It

This is the final part of the Cycleboost support service, which perhaps isn’t what you may initially think.  There is, of course, the obvious, Dr Bike Clinic where qualified cycle mechanics will give your bike a full MOT, fix minor repairs, replace brake blocks and cables, oil chains and repair punctures.  They will also refer you to the best local person for you if there is something more serious wrong with your bike.  Then there is the not so obvious…There are maintenance courses where you can learn (in four lessons) how to maintain your bike yourself.  Finally, there is the community bike workshop which is a large area for you to look after your bike without having to pay out for expensive pieces of equipment which you would probably only need to use less than a handful of times per year.  The combination of this service along with experienced mechanics to advise, guide and support will help you with any bike problems that could ever possibly arise.  All this so that you can sort everything out all by yourself!

Wheelie Good Guys and You

The aim of Wheelie Good Guys is to provide you with cycling news which we think is important for you to know.  Whether you are an experienced cyclists or new to cycling, we want to get you cycling and keep your keen!  Once again, we would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors Love2Date for their continued support, as they enable us to help single people with the common interest of sport to meet each other.

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