Spring Cycling Holiday Fun

cycling-spring-dolomites-holiday-challenge-wheelie-good-guysIf you are thinking about what to do with your Easter holiday and fancy a cycling adventure then why not thinking about a little travelling and heading somewhere new for some cycling fun?  Some of our ideas are closer to home and some will cover foreign climbs but all beautiful, scenic options for you to choose from.  We have made it obvious their difficulty level and their length so that you can make an educated decision as to where you wish to go.

Destination Easter Cycle

The Pennine Bridleway, England

Derbyshire to Cumbria

10 mile loop cycle

Moderate difficulty

Takes on average 3.5 hours


Alhama Rambler, Granada, Spain

Between Granada and Malaga

31 miles PER DAY for 7 days

Hard cycle and stamina needed to continue this for a week


Verdon Gorge, France


8.5 miles long

Moderate to difficult depending on fitness

Takes around 2.5 hours


Lom Loop, Norway

Jotunheimen National Park

18 miles long

Moderate in difficulty

The majority of routes here are achievable in one day


Wyoming, USA

Cycle Dubois to Grand Teton National Park

55 miles long

Difficult, with gruelling, steep climbs

Apparently 5.5 hours


Cycle and Explore for Yourself this Spring


Coastal Croatia

Discover Croatia’s coastline by cycling 40 miles per day over an 8 day period


Cape Breton Island, Canada

With both mountains and ocean scenes taken care of on this cycling trip, it may be beautiful but you must be fit as this is not to be rather a challenging route, but one of the best in the world.


Peloponnese, Greece

The birth place of the Olympic games but not necessarily known for its cycling.  It’s not always ideal conditions but if you’re up for a challenge…


Italian Dolomites

One of the worlds most beautiful natural wonders, the Dolomites are home to cycling tourists from all over the world.  You most definitely need to be fit to take on this expedition but the views will not disappoint…believe me!


South Downs Way, England

If you want to stay a little closer to home or the funds wont allow you to leave home this Spring, there’s no need to be disappoint as there is a beautiful option in our own country!  With over 100 miles of car free countryside between Winchester and Eastbourne, you can discover every possible landscape here and test yourself to the extreme if that’s what takes your fancy or you could go for a more relaxed approach if you are cycling with children.


Wheelie Good Guys and You

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