Spring Cycling in the Peak District

peak-district-hope-valley-cyclingWhat is all the excitement about the Peak District?  We hear people ask this question all the time and it is obvious that they are either not from the area or they never spend time in the area.  How do we know this?  Because if they are were from around the Peaks or had spent time there, they would simply never ask that initial question!  It is stunning!

Peak District for Cyclists

The Peak District is made by its numerous hills which makes cycling a challenge even for the fittest of cyclists.  But you will be able to find any kind of route which suits your needs if you spend a few minutes planning, despite whether you are an off-road cyclist, someone who likes to stick to a trail or if you like cycling on roads.  Whatever you choose, the scenery will certainly not disappoint you – we promise!

There may be areas in which you wish to cycle but you think they are a little busy and not as peaceful as you required.  Well, have no fear – there are often solutions in villages as there are normally multiple routes due to parallel roads behind the main roads leading from one main city to another.  A good example of this is Hope Valley.  There are some big roads around Hope, some of which are also national speed limit but parallel to these roads you can cycle in a tranquil manner through Thornhill, Hope and Pindale all the way to Castleton.  A fantastic route with plenty of picnic spots which could be enjoyed by all of the family.  Even better, Castleton has some fantastic pubs for you to reward yourself with once you reach your destination, if this is the route you choose.

Competitive Cycling in the Peak District

If you are more of the competitive nature and are fairly fit, then why not enter yourself in to the Polkadot Grand Fondo or the Action – Peak District 100.  If you are feeling really brave, fit or…crazy…you could enter in for both!  They are, however, both held in June, but are closely followed by that of the CTC Phil and Friends Challenge Ride and the Wiggle Tour of the Peaks which are held in August.  If you fancy a non-competitive long distance ride then why not consider the Peak Audax.  They most famous challenge of all though is the Monsal Head.  This is held in the Autumn and the challenge is to complete multiple hill climbs, where not only will you be competing time-wise but also with gravity.  Now in its 81st year, this is a great day out for the entire family, even if some are too, young, old or don’t feel fit enough, as hundreds of people come out to Monsal Head to watch and join in with all of the excitement – the adrenaline is contagious!

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