Take to your Feet

bicycle parking Sheffield datingThere are multiple options as to what to do with your bicycle when wanting to leave the wheels and take to your feet instead, once you have reached your city centre destination, including cycle lockers and cycle stands.

Cycle parking lockers are just like the lockers you had when you were at school only they are big enough to fit a bike inside.  So, enter your bike and then lock the door using your own padlock.  It is not advisable to leave any other possessions inside the cycle lockers other than your bicycle, as the contents are left at the owners risk and the council take no responsibility for damage or loss of locker contents.  Cycle parking lockers have so far been located on Wellington Street and Rockingham Street.

There are cycle stands all over the city, which stand in the form of metal hoops in the ground on to which you can lock your bike to.  These are apparent in so many places around Sheffield, it would be silly for me to start naming them – you will see loads of them on your way to work every single day!

Sheffield Cycle Pumps

Cycle pumps can very easily help you out of a sticky situation which can often leave you feeling flat on a wet and cold evening after a long day at work.  There are now multiple locations across Sheffield where you can find bicycle pumps should you need your tyres pumping up and as an added bonus, it’s free!  The exact locations are still to be released for many of these, but there is a cycle pump on Attercliffe Road, West One (Centre), Leavygreave Road, Glossop Road and St Mary’s Gate to name the few either in or closest to the city centre.

Bike Parking Information

  • Always lock your bike, even if you’re at home
  • Never park your bike anywhere where people would not see it being stolen
  • If you take a part of your bicycle with you that would prevent it from being ridden away then it is much less likely to be stolen – no one’s going to carry a bike! Remove a wheel or the saddle
  • Different types of locks include chain locks, cable locks, D locks and hardened steel D shaped locks (these are recommended)
  • Use products which have been tested against attack
  • The best way to secure your bicycle is to lock both wheels and the frame to a fixed object, like a cycle stand
  • Insure your bike but check it isn’t included in your household insurance first

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