The Main Event

cycling-moutain-biking-wheelie-good-guysThere are three types of cycling which make up the main event calendar of the year.  These are sportives, road leisure and mountain biking.  Sportives can be both short or long in length but are mass-start racesRoad leisure is just as it suggest – cycling on roads at a leisurely pace, usually done for enjoyment as opposed to setting times but can be done on any type of bike which is good as it means it is open to anyone and everyone.  Mountain biking is strangely biking in the mountains, it’s off-roading.  For this you need wider, thicker and more heavy duty tyres to deal with the challenging terrain.

Cycling Challenging 2016

A great sportif for you to enter this year could be the Iron Mountain Sportif.  This is 70 miles long and held in Abergavenny in Wales.  Held on the 16th July, the races starts at 9.30am and ends in Monmouthshire.  If you don’t fancy this sort of cycling race but you’re somewhat of a daredevil, then how about undertaking a mountain biking session?  There is one very soon in Hope Valley, Derbyshire on 17th April, where you can either do 25 miles or 38 miles – the choice is yours.  There are plenty of mountain bike challenges occurring throughout April and May all over the country.  Another one for you to have a think about if you live in the South but wish to participate is the Ordnace Survey Devils MTB, held in Plumpton, East Sussex on 14th May.

Cycle for Leisure

If times and competition are not the driving factors in your cycling journey but instead you enjoy keeping fit and cycle for pleasure, either for time on your own or with family or friends, then these are the routes for you this season.  Start with the Wales Black – a 125 mile cycle beginning in Lampeter, Wales, on Sunday 17th April at 7.15am.  However, if this is a few too many miles for you could wait until May 1st and undertake Pedal for the J’s in Chelmsford, Essex, where you can decide to cycle 15 miles, 35 miles or 50 miles starting at 8am.  These more leisurely style of cycling are occurring all over the country over the next couple of months so get out there and enjoy your countryside.

Wheelie Good Guys and You

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