Top 10 Kickstarter Bike-Themed Projects


Innovation and magic are two of the primary focuses of the Kickstarter website. Entrepreneurs and designers alike are given the opportunity to use the website as a means to gain funding for individual projects. Kickstarter provide the platform to make projects come to life; given that they are successful in attracting the required interest and funding.

This is achieved if the information with each project is compelling enough to receive public backing. Those who back the projects are given special access to it if it is successfully funded. This can include anything from a special mention on packaging to discounted/early access to a product.

We at the Wheelie Good Guys are big fans of Kickstarter and have compiled a list of our top ten bike-themed projects on the site. Some of the projects are already successfully funded and well on their way to production. Take a look at our chosen selections below:

Shelfie by Juergen Beneke

A shelving unit designed to fit into your home without or without a bike on it. The aim of the product is to provide a bike shelf that allows people to hook and hang their bike onto it via the seat. Its separate storage sections also allow buyers to store memorabilia and equipment. The product provides a great opportunity to show off bike equipment that you’re particularly fond of.

Cyclehack by Sarah and Johanna

Cyclehack will be a 48-hour event aimed to make the cities of Scotland more cycle friendly. The creators are two cyclists bringing together designers, cyclists, drivers, developers, pedestrians and planners to improve general cycling experiences in Scotland. The aim is to bring everyone together over a weekend in June to discuss a number of ideas including more innovative bike parking, better signage on trains for bikes and rubber grills for the dangerous flat drains on streets. The idea is to bring lots of small ideas to fruition to make a big impact.

bamboo-bikeBamboo Bicycles Beijing by David Chin-Fei Wang

The idea is to build bamboo bikes in Beijing as a means of starting a community conversation on mobility. The designers of the project want to open a bamboo bicycle workshop in Beijing to initialize a conversation about what the mobility of the city could be like if the community were to have a hand in it. Whilst the creators acknowledge that the campaign cannot save the environment; they do argue that it can start important discussion about how mobility choices can affect communities.

See Sense by Phillip McAleese

A product that has become the first light that is designed to respond to the road; flashing faster and brighter to improve visibility when it’s needed most. The creation is a smart light, taking bike lights to the next level thanks to new technological advances. See Sense can detect when you are at a road junction, filtering in urban traffic, on a roundabout, being approached by a car with headlights on and travelling in low light. Like a car fog light, it would be too bright to flash permanently at full power. The smart capabilities of the See Sense help overcome this.

Helios-BarsHelios Bars by Kenny Gibbs

Billed as the world’s first integrated headlight and blinker system for bicycles; this is a product that utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS to add smart features to any bike. They fit on almost any bicycle; with easy installation. Features include proximity lighting, turn signals, GPS tracking, a visual speedometer, turn-by-turn navigation and ambient lighting. The chief aim of the product is to address lack of biker visibility on roads; which is something that is contributing to high injury statistics for bikers on roads.

Trigger Bell by Stefan Buxton

Trigger Bell is designed to quickly warn other road users while keeping your eyes on the road; and also your hands on your handlebars. It allows you to quickly warn other users of the road that you’re approaching; whilst allowing you to maintain complete control of your bike with your eyes on the road. You can ping the bell whilst changing gears, braking and turning. By enabling cyclists to keep 100 percent of their grip on the handlebars whilst using the Trigger Bell; cycling safety is being carefully considered; as users keep their complete focus on the road.

Bitlock by Mesh Motion Inc

A product that provides the world’s first keyless bike lock; to enable low cost peer-to-peer bike sharing among individuals and communities. The system used means you can tap into the sharing economy by sharing access to your bike with others. The Bitlock enables you to share or rent your bike to anyone. The keyless entry means that you never need to worry about losing and using a key for your bike again.

Rideye by Cedric Bosch

The Rideye provides users with a camera product that includes crash detection sensors, HD video, on month of battery life, one touch operation and something that is CNC machined. The product is based around the black box airplane concept. The aim is to provide users with a n entirely accurate video-recorded account of accidents that protects cyclists from hit-and-run incidents.

Revolights by Kent, Adam and Jim

Designed with the aim of revolutionizing the bike industry, Revolights are a new approach to wheel mounted lights. It involves 2 thin profile LED rings – white in front and red in back – that can be mounted directly to each wheel rim of your bicycle. The power is supplied thanks to a thin wire to the hub where a lightweight USB rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery is held in a unique bracket. The basic concept of the product is to improve lighting and sighting with regards to cyclists; and subsequently improve road safety as a result.

Theft-Resistant Bike Light by Slava Menn

This product was designed after a friend of the designers was hit by a car after his bike light was stolen. According to the creators stats; 1 in 3 city bikers have had their lights stolen and 4 in 5 bikers frequently leave their lights at home. ‘The Defender’ was created to lock onto your handlebars; making it near impossible to remove. It’s made of lightweight aluminum; and has ultra bright LEDs. The light has steady and blinking mode.


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