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Who said that Valentine’s Day needs to be filled with candlelit dinners, bouquets of red roses and boxes of chocolates?  For couples who are both in to cycling, the perfect Valentine’s Date may just include a good cycling adventure spending quality time together!  If you are fortunate to have a partner who loves you AND loves cycling, too, then we have some fun-filled ideas for you to do this Valentine’s Day.  Who knows, you might still have the energy to go out for that candlelit dinner afterwards, as well!

Valentine’s Bicycle Baking

If you aren’t the swanky restaurant type of couple, then why not get those matching aprons on and get yourselves in to the kitchen this Valentine’s Day?  You could be a little bit soppy if you want to here and buy a heart shaped biscuit cutter or stick to the cycling theme and buy a bike shaped cutter – the choice is yours!  But the idea of making yourselves your favourite cookies, be it fruit or chocolate, is a great one and it means you only get covered in a little flour, rather than soaking wet and covered in mud like you normally do after a good old British winter cycling expedition.

Couples Cycling

Obvious as this may seem, you could go cycling together.  But go somewhere different, new and somewhere that you can cycle side by side not one behind the other, so that you can explore together.  There’s nothing more romantic than getting lost together in a place you’ve never been to and having to make flirty conversation until you are rescued!

Cycle and Stop Over

After you have been rescued from your coupley, adventurous cycle, why not stay the night at your (pre-found) bike-friendly hotel?  These can be found in many specific parts of Britain giving you great scope for finding somewhere you’ve never been to before.  These include the Brecon Beacons, the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland, the Scottish Highlands and the Peak District.  There could be a spa, a bouquet of roses AND a candlelit dinner awaiting!  What’s not to love?!

When Two Become One

…and not in the way you were thinking!  We were referring to…hiring a tandem bike as a surprise for your partner so you can pedal together in style.

The Complete Valentine’s Day Cycling Package

In fact, we will save you a job!  Make some bicycle shaped cookies of your favourite flavours, hire a tandem bike in a location you have never been to, have an adventure in said random location and then spend the night in a cyclist-friendly hotel!  From then onwards, it us up to you.  You can thanks us later… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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