Wheelie Good Guys Top Safety Tips for Cyclists in Sheffield

Wheelie Good Guys Top Safety Tips for Cyclists in Sheffield

cycling-safetyWhen cycling in and around busy cities, it is essential that you are taking all the possible steps to ensure your safety as a cyclist. Road cycling is an experience that should be enjoyed by all, yet without consideration of important safety measures, you may be putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Being aware of other road users and how they can be carefully observed to optimize your own safety plays a key part in keeping any risk of injury to a minimum.





–          Sheffield is an incredibly hilly city. It is essential that you are riding a bike that has a wide range of gears. You should consider modifying your existing bike if needed, to enable use in lower gears. You should also ensure that your breaks are carefully maintained and are working to their utmost capacity.

–          Avoid routes which contain any tramlines. If you have to cross a tramline make sure to do so at a 45 degree angle. Take extra care on a road bike that incorporates thin wheels into its design. Only folding bikes are allowed to be brought on the Supertram network.

–          Always try to cycle a meter away from the kerb. By observing this principle you can keep yourself safer from defects at the edge of a road, and make sure that you are taking extra care to observe for potholes.

–          Take extra care with your awareness of drivers at junctions.

–          Never cycle on pavements or in pedestrian areas unless they are clearly marked as cycle zones.

–          Overtake on the offside where possible when there are no cycle lanes available. Drivers are always more aware of you overtaking where they expect other road vehicles to be passing them.

–          Try to follow signposted routes where possible. There is no legal obligation to do this, but pre-mapped routes are likely to be able to provide a safer means of travel.

–          Beware when passing parked and stationary cars. If you cycle too close then you may be leaving yourself at risk of being hit by drivers and passengers who may be exiting their cars. A door’s width from a parked car is a sensible consideration.

–          Always avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles such as buses or lorries, as you may not be seen by drivers and you could resultantly be putting yourself at risk of serious injury.

–          Make sure that you cycle positively, decisively and well clear of the kerb. Make eye contact wherever possible for confirmation that drivers have seen you, and always look and signal to drivers to evidence your intentions.

–          Always stop at red lights.

–          Never cycle whilst under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, or if you are too tired to be on the roads.

–          Ride centrally on narrow roads.

–          Don’t slipstream other cyclists without their consent.

–          Don’t leave bags and other carrying equipment dangling from your bicycle.

–          You should carefully consider wearing a helmet, although recent research by Bath University argues that those who do wear helmets are actually more likely to be hit by cars.

–          You should always wear reflective clothing and fit lights to your bike for when you are cycling in the dark. Flashing LED’s were recently made legal, and they provide a great way of making sure you are seen as a cyclist on the road.

–          It is vitally important that you have read, and are subsequently following the Highway Code. Understanding the rules of the road for both yourself and other road users will play a key part in making sure you are staying safe on Sheffield’s roads.


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