Winter Cycling Tips : Keep Yourself Motivated!


Having cycled through the Summer, you will have gained good fitness which over Winter you won’t want to lose.  But motivation seems difficult when the cold, wet weather sets in, though you should not be deterredCycling can be just as fun in Winter as it is the fairer weather!

Let Us Keep You Cycling This Winter By…

  • Dressing the part

Make sure you have the correct clothing on to keep you dry, warm and wind-proofed so that you are insulated and protected against the elements.  This will keep you cycling and protect you from getting ill.  It is worth spending time researching quality clothing and spending some money and you will be surprised by how much this motivates you.

  • Getting yourself prepared

Don’t leave everything until the minute you are wanting to use it.  Get prepared the night before – clothing, kit, bike.  All you need to do then is wake up, fill your water bottle and get riding.

  • Headlights

Get a set of high powered lights and you can open up more hours of the day to cycling with lighting up the way for yourself.

  • Entering yourself in to an event

Enter a local (or not so) event to keep you focus on continued cycling and keeping fit.  This will keep your motivation high and give you a goal post-Winter.  So enter multiple events throughout the Winter to enable you to achieve your big end goal event when the long Winter is over.

  • Exploring new routes

Give yourself some new excitement by exploring a new route or two.  Plot new routes, explores new roads, places and villages or find a new back route to work.  After all, a change is as good as a rest!

  • Cycling with friends

Cycling with others is a great incentive because you don’t want to let them down.  Meeting them at a certain place and time is a great push for getting you out of the door.  Riding together is not only good for morale (“We are both in this together!”) but great from a safety point of view.

  • Riding with a club

Regular, weekly meetings where you feel answerable to others are great ways of keeping you incentivised.  They are sociable, you meet new people with a common interest, keeps spirits high, helps you ride faster, encourages you to ride considerably further mileage, you can seek shelter from the wind by taking it in turn to front the group and it’s the safest way to cycle.

  • Riding on the track

Heading inside towards the velodrome is perfect for the Winter.  There are classes, bike hires and instructors, so all you need is your kit.  This is the best place to learn how to ride closely to other riders and gain a paceline.

  • Turbos

Turbo trainers or rollers allow training to continue from the comfort, warmth and safety of your own home or garage.  They are great for maintaining and improving fitness and allow specific areas of fitness to be focused on.

  • Getting a coach

If you’re competitive or get bored easily, why not get yourself a professional coach.  They can train all levels and abilities and can help you focus on any area of cycling you desire.

  • Bagging a KOM

Make sure you’re properly warmed up before youdo so, but if you’re coming off a hard season then it’s a great time to go for a few KOMs.  You’ve got the miles in your legs from your gained Summer miles and with cooler conditions you’re less likely to overheat on a tough climb.  Go for it!

  • CAKE!!!

Well, if all else fails, keep yourself motivated by frequent stops for coffee and cake as a reward for all of your hard work…works every time for me!!!


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